Mitul Chauhan | Copywriter

Client feedback

Aarti Parmar


AP Brand Communications

"Working with Mitul has been productive and progressive. We have been working on all my online brand course materials content. His ability to understand and grasp the concept of offering, purpose, brand personality, tone of voice and my brand values so effectively has allowed me to move things forward seamlessly. So far I’m very pleased with the outcome and look forward to working on future projects with him. Thank you for all your expertise as an experienced copywriter, asking relevant questions and all-round fab person to work with."

Lena Chauhan


Rise IQ

"Mitul is an incredibly articulate individual and gets his teeth into any of the subjects presented to him. He also tunes into the tone and personality of whoever he is working with and adds his own "edge" to the content. I have really enjoyed working with him and look forward to collaborating on future projects together."

Julie Hudson


Hudson Fuggle

"We asked Mit to help us to write some case studies for our website and I couldn’t be happier with the results. He listened intently, asked the right questions, undertook his own research to check facts and quickly grasped the scale of the work in the briefs. He brought a freshness and personality to the writing which at the same time, tied in perfectly with the Hudson Fuggle tone of voice. He's fun to work with and I would definitely recommend him."

Bradley Fletcher

(Ex) Creative,


"It has been a real pleasure working alongside Mit. His friendly and welcoming nature made talking through projects and feedback simple and enjoyable. He was always there to make the best work possible and truly cared for the creative, even contributing to it himself. He worked on a series of Home wellness articles for Sainsbury’s that were beautifully written and required zero amends. He also contributed to writing POS headlines and social copy for the lead creative. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working so closely and collaboratively with him and wish him all the best."

Genevieve Phillips

(Ex) HR Director,


"Mit is a pleasure to work with – he is collaborative in his approach, always working to find a solution or outcome which fits the needs of both business and team. He is supportive and respectful of his team and peers and has a calming influence amongst even the most hectic environment. Clients are reassured by him and he builds strong relationships with integrity and trust. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Mit to any team."

Katerina Malivitsi

Senior Account Director,


"Mit has a fantastic Direct Marketing background and helped us improve the quality of work on the AA. He's a great leader, empowering our team to work independently (never micromanaging) whilst being supportive when needed. He's very approachable, listens and values different opinions/suggestions, which is another reason why I enjoyed working with Mit!"